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The Badrock Blues Band


1992 Founded
1993 First live appearance
1998 Harp player Hans "Johnny" Siegetsleitner joins the band
1999 Recording of the first CD "Playin 'the Blues"
2001 Singer Kathi Wagner joins in
2001 Drummer Berndt Steiner leaves the band
2002 Manfred Allinger, Harald Perzl, Alex Cech and other drummers for the next few years
2009 Hans Siegetsleitner and Kathi Wagner are quitting the band
2009 Piano player Toni Herrmann complements the band and thus fills the harp-gap
2015 Our new drummer Dominik Saloberger joins in
2016 Piano player Toni Herrmann leaves the band
2016 Piano player Julian Höckner joins the band
2017 Kathi Kollmann (former Wagner) comes back as a singer

The early years

In the summer of 1992 the band The BBB's was founded in Upper Austria. At the beginning in the classic four-man line-up with Gerald Schuldzucker (guitar & vocals), Siegfried Horvath (bass & vocals), Franz Kollmann (guitar) and Berndt Steiner (drums), mainly blues and rock songs are covered.

The first live performance takes place in April 1993 at the "Rock Shock Let" event in St. Martin im Innkreis. A few years later the band is renamed to The BADROCK BLUES BAND. Except for the drummer, the founding members are still part of the band.

It's getting bluesy

In 1998 our blues harp player Hans "Johnny" Siegetsleitner joins the band. Johnny is integral part of the band for many years until he unfortunately quits in 2009. But for a few years now he's been playing live gigs with us every now and then. It just doesn't work completely without the blues!

You can hear some real harp classics like Whammer Jammer and Hoochie Coochie Man on our debut album "Playin' the Blues" which was recorded in 1999.

Supporting the vocals

In the middle of 2001 the line-up is extended once more. Kathi Wagner with her powerful voice comes on board. Songs like Bring Me Some Water, I’d Rather Go Blind and Ball And Chain become possible with her. Kathi also remains an integral part of the band for many years until she quits in 2009. After a few other musical experiences, she is back in 2017.

Troubled times

With 2001, some troubled times begin. Our drummer Berndt Steiner leaves the band. Manfred Allinger, Harald Perzl, Wolfgang Schmitzberger and Alex Cech will play one after the other on the drums for the next few years. And a few more as live assistants.

In 2009, Hans Siegetsleitner and Kathi Wagner also leaf the band. So we're back in the classic four-man line-up for a short time.

At the end of 2009, piano player Toni Herrmann joins the band. He will stay with us until 2016. Then he returns to jazz.

A new drummer

In 2015 our current drummer Dominik Saloberger joins the band. A young but very talented and experienced musician. It's going on again!

Change at the keys

After Toni Herrmann left the company, a replacement was found quickly: Julian Höckner is the man for piano and keys since 2016, and also for backing and lead vocals on some songs. Thanks to Julian's versatility, there are now some Boogie Woogies in the program.

Since then, the band can be seen live with this line-up.

Thank you ...

... for your attention, for the support of our loyal fans, and for the many performance opportunities. We hope you enjoy our music and please try to come to see us live!

Blues-rocky greetings,

The BADROCK Blues Band