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Welcome to our Homepage. The BADROCK BLUES BAND from Austria mainly plays cover-versions of older Rock, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll classics! You'll find a detailed description of the band under ABOUT.

 The Badrock Blues Band - trailer

how to find the blues?
That's quite easy. Our latest gig-dates you'll find under SHOWS. And some sample songs under MUSIC. And both of them means a lot of Rock, Blues and Rock
'n' Roll!


current live photos. 
A few photos from our last gigs. From small club to concert-hall. Fore more photos see PHOTOS.
The BADROCK BLUES BAND - MRC Mühlheim West - 2014 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Musistubn Maasbach - 2013 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Hochzeit Eberschwang - 2013 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Holzapfel Münzkirchen - 2013 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - PG Riders Charity Öblarn - 2009 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - bad or (a)live St. Martin - 2008 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - 15 Jahre Party St. Martin - 2007 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Lindenhof Altstätten, CH - 2007 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Streif Utzenaich - 2005 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Schlachthof Wels - 2002 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Chef Party Zell a.d. Pram - 2002 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Bar Pub Inside - 2002 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Spital Pyhrn - 2001

band for motorbike events! 
We also perform on various bike events. So far e.g. for:

Band Harley - MC Black Wheels Mattighofen, OÖ
- MRC Free Loser Durchham, OÖ
- MRC Kraxenberg Mettmach, OÖ
- MC CRO Magnon Fels am Wagram, NÖ
- MRC Mauerkirchen, OÖ
- MRC Neuhaus, Bayern
- PG Riders Öblarn, Stmk
- MRC Road Cowboys Trimmelkam, OÖ
- Endurofahrer Zell an der Pram, OÖ
- Enduroclub Losenstein, OÖ
MC Black Rider Austria Oichten, OÖ
- MC Mühlheim West, OÖ



next dates!
Please have a look on our new SHOWS for 2019.
Jan. 18 Gstanzl-Blues, A-4973 St. Martin / Innkreis
Jan. 19 Gstanzl-Blues, A-4973 St. Martin / Innkreis
Jan. 26 Kubinsaal, A-4780 Schärding
Apr. 12 Kilians Irish Pub, D-80331 München
Apr. 13 Kennedy's Bar & Restaurant, D-80336 München
Aug. 4 Jimmy's Cafe, D-84032 Altdorf
Nov. 29 The Raven Bar, Live music stage, D-94315 Straubing

what's on?
The Badrock Blues Band and the Krammer singers invite to the second edition of their joint event. Once again, these actually controversial genres of music are performed together.

The events take place on Fr.18.01. and Sat.19.01.2019 at the Landesmusikschule / Martinussaal in St. Martin.

Unfortunately, the error devil has crept in. Falsely the year 2018 is on the tickets. But that's no problem, because the last Gstanzl Blues was 2017. So you come in despite the wrong year!
Rock & Blues at Kubinsaal Schärding
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Badrock Videos on YouTube
Here you'll find some live videoclips:
- The Badrock Blues Band

- Rock Me Baby
- Johnny 99
- Rollin' and tumblin'
- La Grange
- Before You Accuse Me
- Johnny B. Goode
- The Thrill Is Gone
- Red House
- Confidence Man
- ...


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