about us!
Welcome to our Homepage. The BADROCK BLUES BAND from Austria mainly plays cover-versions of older Rock, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll classics! You'll find a detailed description of the band under ABOUT.

 The Badrock Blues Band - trailer

how to find the blues?
That's quite easy. Our latest gig-dates you'll find under SHOWS. And some sample songs under MUSIC. And both of them means a lot of Rock, Blues and Rock
'n' Roll!


current live photos. 
A few photos from our last gigs. From small club to concert-hall. Fore more photos see PHOTOS.
The BADROCK BLUES BAND - MRC Mühlheim West - 2014 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Musistubn Maasbach - 2013 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Hochzeit Eberschwang - 2013 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Holzapfel Münzkirchen - 2013 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - PG Riders Charity Öblarn - 2009 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - bad or (a)live St. Martin - 2008 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - 15 Jahre Party St. Martin - 2007 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Lindenhof Altstätten, CH - 2007 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Streif Utzenaich - 2005 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Schlachthof Wels - 2002 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Chef Party Zell a.d. Pram - 2002 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Bar Pub Inside - 2002 The BADROCK BLUES BAND - Spital Pyhrn - 2001

band for motorbike events! 
We also perform on various bike events. So far e.g. for:

Band Harley - MC Black Wheels Mattighofen, OÖ
- MRC Free Loser Durchham, OÖ
- MRC Kraxenberg Mettmach, OÖ
- MC CRO Magnon Fels am Wagram, NÖ
- MRC Mauerkirchen, OÖ
- MRC Neuhaus, Bayern
- PG Riders Öblarn, Stmk
- MRC Road Cowboys Trimmelkam, OÖ
- Endurofahrer Zell an der Pram, OÖ
- Enduroclub Losenstein, OÖ
MC Black Rider Austria Oichten, OÖ
- MC Mühlheim West, OÖ



next dates!
Please have a look on our new SHOWS for 2019.
Jan. 18 Gstanzl-Blues, A-4973 St. Martin / Innkreis
Jan. 19 Gstanzl-Blues, A-4973 St. Martin / Innkreis
Jan. 26 Kubinsaal, A-4780 Schärding
Apr. 12 Kilians Irish Pub, D-80331 München
Apr. 13 Kennedy's Bar & Restaurant, D-80336 München
Aug. 4 Jimmy's Cafe, D-84032 Altdorf
Nov. 29 The Raven Bar, Live music stage, D-94315 Straubing

what's on?
Badrock on Facebook
Here's the link:
Badrock Videos on YouTube
Here you'll find some live videoclips:
- The Badrock Blues Band

- Rock Me Baby
- Johnny 99
- Rollin' and tumblin'
- La Grange
- Before You Accuse Me
- Johnny B. Goode
- The Thrill Is Gone
- Red House
- Confidence Man
- ...


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